New washer bottle, and brake balance update

A sunny Sunday morning gave me the opportunity to do 2 things I had been waiting to do:
– Test the brake balance of the car since TVR Power fitted rear pads to match the front
– Fit my new aluminium washer bottle.

To test the brakes I was off out at 7am, probably to the delight of our neighbours, and headed off to some wide, flat and quiet bits of road.

It didn’t take long to discover that the problem was still there. Hard brake application and the rear locks up, or at least the rear driver’s side does. I come back off the brakes immediately, but there is still a little shift due to the lock-up and a puff of smoke from the tyres.

Track V Road get a chance to fix it next.

The rest of the drive was good, quiet roads, dry and sunny, and a brisk blast through the countryside.

On getting home I decided to change the plastic washer bottle for the aluminium bottle I bought earlier this year – see this Pistonheads thread.

This was a simple job, made much easier by the removable bonnet pins. The first time I had had the bonnet off.

View from the front
Bonnet removed

After fitting the TVR had a supermarket trip to load up with a week’s shopping before being tucked away in the garage. Less than 2 weeks until the service, where I have a list of niggles to fix, and one big thing – the annoying brake balance.

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