TVR European Road Trip

This post will need an update, but is here as a placeholder.

The TVR went on a 3000 mile, 3 week European road trip through France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany (for 20 minutes) and back home through France.

The car ran perfectly – It started every time, used no oil or water, fitted all our luggage in, didn’t ground (but there were 2 1/2 wheel to wheel arch liner rubs), didn’t overheat when stuck in traffic on hot days, did well when it spent 2 days outside in continual heavy rain (drivers floor mat and passenger door card became damp) and my calculations show it returned 27 mpg.

The only thing that went a bit wrong was the ventilation fan controller playing up 1/2 way through and 1000 miles from home. But wiggling of wires fixed this and it worked for the rest of the trip, which was good as having no air con / heating and cabin ventilation would have been a problem (especially on our last day which was a near 500 mile drive home with rain all the way).

The car attracted some good attention, including a Porche driver in Monaco traffic taking a photo and plenty of chats when stopped for fuel / services / at hotels etc.

I will do a full-write up on my website and link it to here, but for now, a set of photo albums is at the links below (there are many many photos…)

Part 1 – Home to Briancon

Part 2 – Briancon to Stresa

Part 3 – Stresa to Home

Heading out, all clean and shiny
After we had to turn back due to a snow storm...
On the Monaco start grid a few days before the Grand Prix
By Lake Orta - We did have the roof off when we could!
The start of the Gottard Pass
Part-way up the Gottard Pass
Coming home, not so clean now

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