First big service

Following the European trip, it was time to get the TVR its first 6000 miles service. It hadn’t done 6000 miles since the last service, not 6000 miles since the last oil change (when I bought the car), but there were a few bits that needed doing so I got it done early.

TrackVRoad lent me one of their loan cars – An Alfa Romeo GT Diesel. This car is a little tired, but drives well and had a good turn of speed for a diesel.

We took this away for a week while they had the car, and then I returned very early the following Saturday to collect it.

Quite a lot of work was done:
– 6000 miles service
– Heater amplifier removed, repaired, refitted
– Rear silencer (or noise maker) realigned & new exhaust mounts
– Passenger seat realigned more towards the centre of the car
– Bonnet realigned after fitment of bonnet pins
– Door capping reattached (I should have done this…)
– Pedal box removed and adjustable brake bias valve fitted
– Scuff on wheel touched-in
– Damping set to 12 front, 10 rear (from 12/12 for road trip)
– And the car was nicely cleaned

This came to a not-insubstantial £1372.92, and my total servicing and work spend on the car to £3311.28 before one year of ownership is up.

We had some trouble getting the immobiliser to disarm but it did after a few presses. However, when I stopped a few miles later for fuel, I couldn’t lock the car and had to use the immobiliser bypass key to start the car. I had also noticed a rattle from the new brake valve.

I returned to TrackVRoad where some new batteries fixed the remote. However the rattle from the valve was harder to fix. Richard ended up calling one of his mechanics in on a Saturday morning and he took the front of the pedal box off to try to find the rattle. It seemed to be coming from the valve, and there is not much that could be done about it (see later posts on valve adjusting for more information).

I drove the car the 150 miles back home and all was well apart from the rattle…

TrackVRoad courtesy vehicle
Ready to go (before I came back...)
AP Racing adjustable brake bias valve
Valve fitted to pedal box

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