Warm drive

Today might have been the last sunny day before Christmas, and it has been 2 weeks since the Tamora was out.

Last night was cold, and the roads salted, so we waited until mid-afternoon to give the roads a chance to dry, and for the salt to go (somewhere…).

The car had been on charge, and started promptly. Driving through town the temperatures of oil and water rose fairly quickly despite the 7 C air temps. We visited a couple of sets of friends, and then went for a blast on the open road.

Some small bits of acceleration, and a rev peak of nearly 7000 rpm. 2nd gear is over very quickly, and 3rd gear would be too fast for the public road, so I guess some track time is needed. Had the first bit of wheel spin (very minor) when going over a change in road surface at full-throttle in 2nd gear. The old tyres seem reasonably grippy, even in these cold conditions.

Keeping the roof on allowed us to stay toasty and warm 🙂

The car is tucked up in the garage now, put away dry and warm. Depending on weather it might be a while until it comes out next.

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