Llandow video

Today I found out that someone has posted video from this year’s Llandow trackday on YouTube. It seems to contain more shots of the Saab than would have been expected given the number of cars present.

I like the poster’s comments, mainly this bit “and a Saab 9000 which was tuned up to say the least!!

The video is set to start nearly 6 minutes in, for a typical scene of Saab vs. Supra action. More seriously, plenty of the day was like that, with many Supras and other cars being overtaken, and the only people who passed me were some of the chaps I had been to the Ring with the year before after I had let them catch up. The idea was then to stick with them for a few laps, but they were quite a lot faster.

Click here for the YouTube video 5:50 is a useful time if it doesn’t load automatically.

The Saab is still in the garage, with occasional battery charges. It can come out when the roads are dry and no longer salty.

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