Tax Disk

Because the car is only leaving the garage once or twice a month, although I had bought a new Tax Disk online, I kept forgetting to fit it.

But a while back I remembered, and it was a nice day, so I spent some time fitting it.

Because I like shiny things, I have an engraved Saab tax disk holder, which has a back attached by 5 very small bolts with a hex-head.

Removal was fiddly, but refitting was 10 times worse. Because I had wanted it in the bottom corner of the windscreen, I had originally fitted it as far down as it would sensibly go, with awkward access to the lower bolts.

Many minutes and much work later it was fitted.

A few days ago my better half noticed that the tax disk I had left in my study to put in my box of car documents was still current. I had somehow managed, in my struggle to get the disk fitted, to refit the old tax disk…

Oh well, only 8 1/2 months left till I need a new disk, maybe I can wait until next year.

Took the car out today as it was dry enough and it needed a run. All worked fine, apart from traction in 2nd gear on damp winter roads.

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