Sunday afternoon drive

But not the slow sort of Sunday drive while wearing a hat and driving a Rover 400.

A good blast across country and M50 to a very long lunch before repeating the journey back.

Car started and drove fine, the increased wind noise and exhaust note compared to the Mondeo is noticeable, but none of that nasty diesel clatter. The car ran well, with plenty of boost available. Brakes still have some vibration when used hard, but are working well.

Driving back, the dipped-beam headlights don’t have a very good pattern. I am not sure if there is some degredation of the reflective surfaces or they are pointed too far down. Full beam was fine.

It might be worth changing to different bulbs and seeing if that improves things. But given I probably won’t drive the car for another few weeks, unless I go to watch the UK Saabs dyno day in Tewkesbury in a couple of weeks time.

No motivation to dyno the car at the moment, but would be interesting to see some other Saabs.

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