Weight saving and spark plugs

Last night and this morning I put my car on a diet.

No need for rear seats, parcel shelf, spare wheel, jack, and a few other bits and pieces.

Results of the diet are listed below, everything in kg:

Small Seat Base 6.9
Large seat Base 9.0
Big Seat Back 12.9
Small Seat Back 8.2
Parcel Shelf 6.1
Spare Wheel and Jack 13.7
Other bits and pieces 4.5
Seat belt buckles 1.3

Total 62.6 kg

This isn’t a huge amount, but should be enough to make an appreciable difference, both to acceleration and the load on the brakes.

After weight-saving

After weight saving

With this complete, it was time for the spark plugs. I haven’t changed plugs before, but I wanted to be sure that they were ok after the Ring trip and last year’s Llandow. That’s a lot of running at full power.

Had to look on Saab forums to see how the DI Cassette Connector came off. There was a red slidey bit, but I didn’t realise that if you slid it far enough (with the help of a screwdriver), then the connector just popped off. the picture below shows the red part starting to move, but it needs to go a long way right before the connector pops off.

Connecor partially released

Connector fully released

With that done the DI cassette had 4 torx head bolts at the top and lifted off.

Using a spark plug socket and some extensions I could get into the deep gap to unscrew the plugs.

DI cassette removed

The plugs all looked ok

Plug 1
Plug 2
Plug 3
Plug 4

I removed the plugs one at a time, fitting each new plug hand tight, then 1/2 turn.

I soon had 4 new plugs in, then it was back on with the DI Cassette.

Connector Released

Firing Order

DI Cassette

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