Mot & pre-Trackday

Once again I am joining the Supra owners for a Trackday at Llandow.

Since the Saab was coming up for its MOT, I thought it best to get this done early, to check the car was fine, and also to get the brake fluid changed.

The fluid had only been in for a year, but it had done 2 trackdays.

Took a trip up to West Midland Saab Specialists, and left the car with them while I went into the centre of Birmingham. I also asked WMSS about the difficulty I had in getting the filter off. They said they put them on hand-tight, and use an oil-filter wrench to get them off. Maybe I should buy one of those.

Had a phone call after a couple of hours to say the car had passed its MOT, but a couple of advisories.

1) CV boot gaiters were looking perished, so I had these replaced
2) They thought the pads looked low, but when they took the wheels off later they noticed there was plenty left on the pads, they had just crumbled a bit at the edges. I think that was Llandow last year, seems quite hard on the brakes.

With those points sorted, the car is in fine fettle and ready to go.

I went out of my way to fill up with V-Power, and also dropped some octane boost stuff in the tank as well. We shall see if the engine management adapts to make use of it 🙂

I also plan to:

1) Remove rear seats for the trackday to save weight, as well as emptying the spare wheel well
2) Change to my set of more worn S03 tyres on spare wheels (bringing my RE050A tyres and wheels down for the end of the day)
3) Change spark plugs as I have some spares, although I am sure the current plugs are fine.

I might update this before the trackday to say how that work has gone, otherwise it’ll be a post with lots of pictures on Sunday….

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