Had the Saab MOT’d today.

Just under 3 weeks until I set off for the Ring.

Sadly the MOT did not go as smoothly as I would have liked, with two advisories.

Non-advisories first:

They had to adjust the headlights a bit, but that doesn’t really worry me.

Apparently it took a while to get it through the emissions test – I am not sure what I would have done if it had failed that.

Advisory 1) Steering column lock. They explained this as a bit too much movement in the steering column when pulled hard, and said it wasn’t enough to worry about. I had never felt this to be the case, and it seems solid under reasonable force. Having called West Midland Saab Specialists, they felt that was normal for a 9000 (they only saw the car recently), and due to adjustment mechanism of the 9000 they all felt a bit like that.

Advisory 2) Front brakes – only just met the front brake imbalance requirements, with an imbalance of 20%. I do a moving brake test whenever I pull off which felt ok, and haven’t had any issues under reasonably heavy braking, but the machine probably doesn’t lie…

Their advice was new front disks and pads. Since I am not too sur about the EBC Redstuff pads on the front, and since I know they are 1/2 worn and I have a Ring trip coming up, I don’t mind changing them too much. Apart from the cost…

So, as soon as I got home it was on the phone to Circuit Supplies. These ar the best UK stockist for Ferodo DS2500 pads, the pad of choice for the heavy-footed 9000 driver.

I bought a full set of DS2500s from them back in 2004, at which point the fronts costs £70. Since then they have increased in price to £97 🙁

However the chap on the phone was very helpful, and since they were less than 2kg, said that there was a 90% chance they would arrive in the morning, not bad for a 4pm order.

Next it was on to Elkparts and a set of Brembo front disks. These are excellent value for money at £70 and are well tested by lots of Saab drivers.

With those 2 on order, hopefully I will be able to get the front brakes done next week, and bed them in before the trip. Back in 2004 when I had this setup fitted (but on all 4 wheels), I think I failed to bed them in properly, and warped/cracked the disks during the Anglesey trackday.

On the back, I think the existing EBC Redstuff pads and Brembo disks have lots of life left, so no need to change them.

Oh well, £53 for the MOT, £168 for brake bits, then fitting to do.

Still got to tax the car, since that runs out on the trip…

Also want to take my wiper arms off, clear up where rust is appearing and Hammerite them. Lacking motivation at the moment.

Some pics of my car at the MOT garage.




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