Fitting/bedding in DS2500 pads

I want to get the bedding in right this time, so have been collecting info on the fitting and bedding in process.

“for the fronts, you,ll see a small shoulder step on the end lugs, if you file it flush i.e. take off the step it fits”

“Do exactly what it says on the instructions for DS2500s, you have to get them hot enough to fade to cure the friction material, and you don’t want the first time this happens to be on the approach to a corner at Combe… 😯

Find a quiet bit of road, do about 10-15 60-0 stops with “medium” brake pressure until they start to smoke a bit and begin to fade, then go for a cool off run.”

“To add to the above, I would suggest that you do not stop on the ’60 – 0′ applications but rather do a ’60 – 10′ application.
This means you don’t end up with the pad stationary on the disc whilst very hot leading to ‘hot-spotting’ and excessive material transfer from pad to disc at that point.”

“The mod to the DS2500 pads only needs to be applied for the 9000 where a couple of tiny nodules need to be filed down. Occasionally, if they are a tight fit, you may need to grind them down slightly down ”

“There is no DS2500 pad listed for the 9000 and FCP256 need a little grinding to the backplate to make them fit. They’re listed for a Ferrari Testarossa and one of the M3s but are a very close (but not perfect) match for the 9000 front pad. ”

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