Now my car leads a garaged life I am becoming paranoid about it getting dirty. I am even leaving the MOT test until a day when I am sure it won’t rain. Friday looks good for that.

It isn’t so much fear of it getting dirty, it is wanting to avoid the cleaning that necessarily follows…

I’ll have to see how awkward this garaged lifestyle becomes. I was supposed to be getting some free racking for the end of the garage, but I think it my be too deep to allow be to get the car in as well. the bikes living in the dining room isn’t great either.

Looking at past insurance certificates, it appears that I have been averaging about 5000 miles/year, so about 2500 miles between oil and filter changes. That agrees with the 5000 miles limit on my insurance policy, and given it is either Mobil 1 or Shell Helix Ultra, the engine should be enjoying some very clean oil…

Looking forward to the Ring trip. I still have the overlying nervousness about the car failing out there, my driving failing, and the worst case of either of those affecting someone else on the track, but the odds should be very low.

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