Finding out more

Visited my local autoparts store who can provide a FIAMM battery for £48 – should do the job but they have none in until Friday.

As I drove home I had an idea about my brake problem. Upon reaching my road which slopes slightly downhill I slowed right down and turned the engine off. As I coasted I used the brakes and found the stopping power was very similar to when I had the engine running.

Restarted engine and nothing changed.

Perhaps the pads/disks are fine and the problem is the brake servo. I have no idea how these work but maybe it started to fail on the track when I lost the ability to brake hard and then failed completely a couple of days later.

When I lost brake power on the track it was because I couldn;t push hard enough to stop rather than the pedal travelling to the floor which I believe is characteristic of brake fade – feel free to add a comment if you know.

For an obvious brake check I checked the engine bay fuse box that controls ABS systems. This sits under my strut brace and it took lots of effort to get the lid off. Fuses were then, and then it took ages and lots of effort to get the lid back on. This is the only part for which the strut brace makes access awkward.

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