brake communications

I have been in touch with technical support at EBC brakes regarding their Redstuff pads. Here is the information I received from a few e-mails.

Redstuff pads are unsuitable for trackdays and they do not recommend it

They only recommend yellowstuff for trackdays

And directed me to – where it did indeed say “Fast Road Use” under RedStuff pads.

They also said Redstuff is suitable for road use only

Regarding my glazed pad problem, they said the pads may come back when the existing surface which may be carbonised is removed with normal driving over about 500-1000 miles.

However this won’t be fun. I drove my girlfriends Mondeo last night and we had some unusually sharp stops as I got used to a responsive brake pedal. I don’t want to drive 1000 mils like this…

Also got some part numbers for the 9000 :


front pads dp4751

rear pads dp4635

Finally I asked about the possibility of having yellowstuff on the front and keeping redstuff on the rear and was adivsed not to mix the compounds as it is possible but it may not be perfectly safe

Asking about whether to go for grooved or plain disks I wqas told I may be better on the track with grooved at extreme braking levels but may be better on the road with plain discs

The final bit of advice was that I could try and resurface the existing pads with a file to remove any burnt surface compound.

I am now inclined to try and get the surface taken off these pads. If I buy a new set it will be expensive since I am likely to go for Yellowstuff pads and grooved disks, and it would also be the 3rd complete set of disks and pads in 2 1/2 years.

Just had a look at the battery. From the handbook I need a 60 or 62 Amp hour battery to replace it. Current battery dimensions are 24cm long, 17.5cm wide and 19cm high. Will be calling a few suppliers today to get prices.

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