Speedparts and WMSS

Time for more power from the Aero…

Having done some research, spoken to the guys at Elkparts, I decided to go for the Speedparts Stg 3 upgrade fitted by West Midlands Saab Specialists.

To quote the Elkparts site :

“Saab 9000 2.3T Aero M94-98 (225bhp/342Nm) Stage Three upgrade (+58bhp) comprising

* reprogrammed Trionic 5 ECU
* JR Sport airfilter.
* 3-inch sports exhaust system complete with 3-inch sports catalyser and downpipe

Speedparts is a leading Swedish supplier of Saab performance and tuning upgrades that enhance the potential of the Saab engine to provide increased performance without sacrificing normal driveability.

Each stage upgrade works by safely exploiting more power, from the well-engineered Saab engine, by using a remapped ECU program, free-flowing air filter and, dependent upon stage upgrade, exhaust components.”

Sadly there was a bit of a delay on the ECU, but the exhaust arrived, so I went up to get that fitted, and could then do the ECU myself later since it is a specific tune for this configuration and shouldn’t need adjusting.

I took a trip up to Birmingham to find WMSS on their trading estate. They took the car while I wondered around, did some shopping and found a cinema.

On my return they showed the the new fitted system with the car up on ramps, and the old exhaust which wasn’t in a great state.

The new system is great, 3″ pipe all the way from the turbo back with high-flow car. None of that skinny exhaust followed by big back-box stuff…

The new exhaust certainly sounded good, not loud, but purposeful.

With the standard ECU the car felt a little more responsive, and the exhaust looks good…

Total cost – £1020 fitted… But for an extra 60 bhp and complete new exhaust system inc. cat (and £30 air filter!) Seems ok.


exhaust 2

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