ECU issues

The ECU arrived from Elkparts just before I was due to go on holiday.

It didn’t work… Speedparts were supposed to configure it for the security system on my car, but it hadn’t been done properly, so I would need to take the car back to WMSS to have the Tech 2 attached and the system sorted. So off on holiday with normal power…

On my return it was back to WMSS for the work, which was a 5 min job, and it all works 🙂 Since I bought the kit from them, I left the ECU for them to send back to Elkparts.

The car is now quick, very quick. Rather than just boosting to the start of the red on the boost gauge, it goes all the way through the red and out the other side 🙂

One issues I had a few weeks later was an irate call from Elkparts asking where the return ECU was and that I would be charged for not returning it. Given I paid with WMSS an only dealt with Elkparts since they supplied WMSS and the ECU was late, and that I had left the ECU with WMSS to post back this was annoying. A few phone calls and prodding of WMSS sorted the problem, and all was back to normal.

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