New Windscreen

Had some MOT issues – they failed on a stone chip which had been there for at least 4 years…

The stone chip was only just over the maximum permitted size for the central area.

The stone chip was only just on the edge of the central area.

But they failed it.

However, through my insurers, and new windscreen was a £60 excess.

The insurers used RAC Auto Windscreens.

Having checked that they stocked the right Saab screen and had the correct surround, not a universal one, the operation went ahead.

Apparently Saab windscreens are one of the trickiest to get out, and it caused the guy plenty of work, although he did a good job.

Saab 9000 and 900 are supposed to be very firmly attached, with Rolls Royce being another awkward car. Apparently VW Golfs are easy…

The new windscreen does look good. The car was up to 105k miles, and the screen had lots of little marks.

One annoying thing though…

Come the weekend, and I am driving down towards the M50 on an A road. A lorry comes the other way, and there is a ‘crack’ off my windscreen. I pull over and find I have a new chip, same place as the old one. Not nearly as large, but really annoying 🙁

Windscreen out

Clear view

New screen getting ready


Fitted from front

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