July breakfast club

Another month, another breakfast club!

The forecast gave some chance of rain so I kept the roof on driving over. That was a good thing as there was some serious rain around Worcester,  but it had cleared when we arrived.

On the drive over, we noticed our friends in their Monaro were following us, so we met-up with them and the first stop was breakfast!


After breakfast we did the usual bit of wandering and chatting and talked to a few people about the TVR (and its fueling problems…).


There was nearly a full set of TVRs present, just no wedges.

S-series, Tamora and Taimar
Tuscan and Griffith
Chimeara – Same colour as my Tamora?
Different Chimeara, very nice engine bay

There was a Sagaris present – the yellow one belonging to “Flyin Banana”, but it left before I had a chance to add it to the TVR photo collection.

The usual exotica were in attendance.

I prefer the older one…

And some cars belonging to friends.

Electric BMW thing…

A good time was had by all – Next breakfast club is the 10th August.

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