May Shelsley Breakfast Club

Not many miles going on the TVR at the moment, just trips out to car events each month to provide a good run out.Having returned home after 9pm the night before it was a tricky choice as to whether I should get up and go or stay in a comfy bed. A dry weather forecast helped make the decision and I set off to get the car from its nearby home ay 8am.

It started fine after a few weeks off (battery conditioner helps) and with the roof removed I set off for Shelsley. No toddler in the passenger seat for this trip.

After a quiet drive I arrived ~ 15 mins before the official start time and was directed to park in what seem to be the ‘exclusive’ rows, not something the car had been offered before. These are where the fanciest machines (that turn up early) are parked, so it was nice the TVR was included. A shame it wasn’t as shiny as it could have been, but I don’t want to send more time washing the car than I do driving it.


After parking I chatted to a couple who had driven there in a Griffth (visible in the picture above, facing the camera on the left) and then joined them for breakfast. My usual breakfast club buddies were either at home or on the Scum Run, raising money for Charity by driving rund Europe dressed as Danger Mouse and Penfold in an MX-5 they had given a yellow vinyl wrap. Their Just Giving page is here.

Met a few other people I know for a chat, and met a few new people when we got talking around the car.

It was a lower turnout than earlier events this year, perhaps the grey (but not rainy) weather kept people away, but there were a few fancy cars, including a Ferrari 599 GTO.

599 GTO
Massive front brakes (and reflection)

I took a quick walk up the track, where the start line showed the marks from the mist recent event.

The start line

And had a quick look at the big house that is hidden away just off the track.

Nice house

There were a few other TVRs present, including this nice T350 which seemed to have a non-standard rear diffuser.

T350 rear diffuser. Non-standard?

No plans for particularly using the car before the next event. It needs a new tank of V-Power before going anywhere as it is getting a little low now.

Service is due in August, but may bring that forward into July and will involve some time on TVR Power’s rolling road to investigate any fuelling issues that may lead to further work…

May also use Neil Garner for the planned work on the brakes, suspension checks, and also for a chassis clean and re-seal which might be a good idea as it can’t have been done for a few years.

Back into the garage and under the cover until next time.

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