September Shelsley Walsh Breakfast club

Only one drive between the last breakfast club and this one. I went out on a Friday afternoon and encountered the UK slow drivers group on an outing all over Worcestershire which was frustrating. The TVR is only coming out every couple of weeks in order to have a long run and then it is tucked back in the garage.

The family stayed at home and I took my father along this time as I though the range of cars there would be of interest (they were).

It was a cool start today, so coats-on for the drive at 08:30 and quiet roads all the way there. No 20 mph Oldsmobile to follow for the last few miles. And unlike last month no short queue to get in. Turnout was a little quieter than normal, but still a good range of cars.

We were directed to park in a different place to our normal garage. Not sure why, but there was a TVR Griffith for company.

Tamora and Griffith

A few friends were there, bringing their interesting cars.

Blurry Elan

There was a nice T350 in pearlescent paint

Also colourful
Nice R8 V10

After a good breakast and a long time spent looking at cars and talking to people we headed home later than expected. The drive back was a little warmer and the car was running very well. I am looking forward to Millbrook next month.

Here is a different view of the car, with the roof (inside its Leven bag). There is still a decent amount of boot space in front and behind the roof, which isn’t too hard to get in there. A powered  roof would be quicker, but that isn’t the TVR way which has the advantages of lightness and less to go wrong. I quite like the rear aspect of the TVR, but the curved surface always captures the photographer in the shot.

Roof panel in boot (in Leven bag)

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