Sunny Shelsley and a service booked

During the week I booked the TVR in for a service at TVR Power.

This has been a low mileage year. When we bought the car it was 9 years old and had 13,500 miles (only 1500 miles / year). We then did 5000 miles in the next year, which I think is respectable for a fun car. But this year will be little over 1000 due to the arrival of the baby and other things like getting the house ready for sale.

Chatting with Jason at TVR Power, we discussed getting a low-mileage or 6000 or 12,000 mile service. Having discussed it, we settled on  a 12,000 – Partly to keep the service history full, but also for peace of mind given it isn’t just about miles but about time.

As well as the service there is the question of a new starter motor (see this post), and fuel injector cleaning (see this post). That will all add to the cost, but if I want to keep the car in A1 condition, then it needs doing.

Having not been driven for a few weeks, just sitting in the garage in the trickle charger, I took the car for a roof-down drive on Saturday and it behaved well. This got through all my checks and the roof down ready for Sunday’s earlier start for the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club.

As before, our son (now 9 months old) went in the TVR with me, and my wife had a lift, this time in a friend’s Vauxhall Monaro, and another friend was with us in a Z4M. The drive out was fine, but there were some especially slow drivers around, including one 3-Series that was tremendously slow, but luckily stopped in a village and we could pass it. A little while later it arrived at Shelsley. When we arrived not long after 9 there was plenty of parking space. I joined the TVR parking section and my friends went to the ‘other car’ section.

Parked with S-Series TVRs
I quite like this aspect, even if the motoring press of 10 years ago didn’t.
Our friends’ cars

Breakfast was as good as ever. Lots of space to sit inside as everybody was enjoying the sun. I was quite happy to avoid the hot sun, and our little lad was content in his buggy being wheeled around. The buggy wasn’t an easy fit in the TVR (I would have had to remove wheels), but the Monaro had plenty of space 🙂

Enjoying his day out

There were plenty of cars to look at, and I had a chat with a few of the owners, as well as chatting about my own car which people seemed to like and be interested in. General summary I gave people is that it has been reliable but seems to be expensive to keep it that way.

The start
I do like these
Cool cars
Another one!

The drive back again had a plenty of slow drivers and a large farm vehicle. But there were a few opportunities for the TVR to make some noise and do a little overtaking. It really is quite loud and sounds good with the roof down. I tried to entertain the following friends with some full-throttle and plenty of pops and bangs on the over run.

It was quite warm on the drive back, but water temps held to 90 / 91 when we were in traffic for a short while. Our son slept through the return journey as he had going there.

It is now tucked up safely in the garage, possibly until the end of month service, although with this good weather there are plenty of reasons to get it out.

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