2nd Shelsley Breakfast Club

After Friday’s rainy drive, the weather forecast for Sunday morning was good, so we decided to go to the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club. This time as a family of 3 rather than just me.

This leads to a problem with the TVR’s lack of seats, but a friend was also attended and kindly provided transport, for my wife on the way out, and me on the way back.

After taking the roof off, we put our 8 month old baby in his baby seat on the passenger side. The drive out was good fun. He fell asleep within a few minutes and stayed that way until I had parked up, although the few full-throttle moments did seem to stir him. It was a lot warmer than a couple of months ago and my hands didn’t freeze this time.

On arrival I was directed to one of the covered paddock parking spots where TVRs tend to gather, but I was there before any others had arrived.


After unloading the baby, we went for breakfast which was once again very good. Baby had some breakfast too. We then had a look at a few of the cars, which included the new Jaguar F-Type, and a Renault Alpine A610.

Jaguar F-Type
Renault Alpine

We then went for our usual walk of the hill, which was quite steady with out little one and our friend’s < 2 year toddler.

The family, part-way up
Me and my little one, plus Steve and his toddler, at the exit of ‘Top S’
The paddock

My wife drove the TVR home and I got a lift. No problems starting this time after ~ 2 hours parked.

Again, the baby slept through the whole roof-down drive.

Baby on his way home

When we were home the car had a hot start after I put the roof back on before it went into the garage. It turned over a bit slowly but fired.

A good morning out, hopefully we will be able to attend these regularly – if we can keep getting a lift, so thanks to Steve for providing extra transport.

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