Shelsley Breakfast Club

Took the TVR out to Shelsley breakfast club this morning. It was nice to have somewhere to drive to, as most of the drives over Christmas have just been to take the car out for a run when conditions / salt allows.

Heading off with the roof down at 08:40 it was only about 3C and I quickly realised that driving gloves would be a good idea. Nice quiet roads, and they were dry and salt-free, which makes a change. It is only April…

The car ran well and was driving nicely. It was a steady drive as the roads were cold and I wasn’t in any hurry. I also feel it is polite on a Sunday morning approaching Shelsley to keep the noise / speed down and make the sure locals don’t get unhappy.

Arriving at 9:30 I was surprised how busy it was, with only a little space left in the paddock. I ended up in a row of mainly Porsches. There were plenty of interesting cars around including some very expensive machinery.

I was too busy eating with friends, then talking to people, then walking the hill to take many photos, but there are a few below.

The drive back was warmer, no desire for gloves, and the car was handling well. I am having second thoughts about an expensive suspension setup. The spring rates seem to be good, so I don’t want to up the rate too much on the rear, maybe 375 lb/in would be better than 400.

Most important - Breakfast!
More cars
More cars
Part way up

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