TVR Power dyno run

As I was curious about how much power my Tamora was making, I took it to TVR Power for a dyno run.

I dropped the car off with Jason to get it strapped down, and then wandered towards Coventry to find some food (fish and chips) and got back in time for the runs to start.

A video of the Dyno Run is here

Depending on how the graph is smoothed, it made either 309 or 314 bhp at the wheels at 7000 rpm and a max torque of 248 lbft at ~ 5500 rpm. The wheel figure seems to be good for a stock 3.6, and compared favourably with other 3.6 plots on the system. A de-cat, bigger injectors and a custom map made the same peak power, but with a small amount of extra torque throughout.

There was a slight stutter around 6000 rpm which shows as a gap in the plot vs. rpm, but does not show in power vs. wheel speed.

Jason and Dom attributed this to the injectors running past their max which can happen in certain conditions and said it was nothing to worry about. When this happens the injector demand goes past max and back to zero. Given it was a relatively cool November day and air pressure was slightly above average, this could be possible.

The air/fuel ratio sat around 14 for the run, which is apparently standard. Apparently making it richer does not produce more power. This may be seen as a bit high for a power run, I will have to check this but they didn’t seem worried.

I am reasonably content that the engine is running as it should. It uses no oil or water, pulls well, and peak power is what it should be.

After the dyno work was done, Wayne changed the front pads for new DS2500 supplied to TVR Power by AP Racing. These are standard fit for the front. The original pads also seemed to be DS2500, but apprently were quite glazed. This could explain the rear-bias issues. And mean that the fitment of an adjustable bias valve was a waste of money.

Subsequent testing has suggested that the new pads have improved the brake issue, but I need some proper track testing to be sure.

Ready to go
Ready to go
Power / Torque vs. RPM
Power / Torque vs. RPM
Including air/fuel ratio
Old pad
New pad
Old pad (top), New pad (bottom)
Not as shiny as some TVRs
Not as clean as some TVRs

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