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This blog has one subscriber on Google reader, and he has just dropped by to mock me for that 🙁

He is also the chap who showed me how to set up a blog, and use Google reader, so it isn’t as if he has even decided to subscribe since he likes the content.

So, should you find yourself reading this and want to make me feel better, subscribe!

Here is what you have to look forward to:

The next few months will be nearly devoid of posts as the Saab stays in the garage most of the time, coming out for occasional drivers and a planed oil change… Might get a chap from UKSaabs to look at the map on my ECU using the T5 suite software which will be marginally interesting and should prompt a few posts.

But next year could be exciting, with decisions about trackdays and Ring trips, springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, intercoolers, wastegate actuators and all sorts of fun 🙂

So, sign up, and while you are here, how about reading the whole back-catalogue of posts I have made since getting this car in 2002! Most of it is really dull, but there are a few gems hiding there which are only slightly dull (if you like Saabs).

2 thoughts on “1 subscriber”

  1. Excellent, that makes 3 people I know who subscribe!

    And it’s nice to have a comment too.

    Lots of other people leave comments, the latest batch included the follwing starting lines:

    Very nice site!
    Beautiful site!
    Incredible site!
    Great site. Good info
    Great site. Keep doing.

    However they then ruin it by posting lots of links to cheap pharamaceuticals…

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