Rust Repairs number 2

A few weeks ago I noticed some bubbling under the paint on the front drivers side wing. This time below the trip line at the rear of the wing. This is annoying since it isn’t long ago that I had rust at the top of the wing repaired.

Rust appearing

On Monday took the car to the same paint shop that did the repairs before, and they were willing to fix it for free if it was related to the repair they did previously, or if it wasn’t then I would pay.

I popped back at lunchtime in Steve’s possessed Mondeo, and they had stripped the wing to reveal the damage. Of which there was plenty.

Whole wing
lower damage
inside wing

I left the car for them to sort. Their suggestion was that future repairs would be uneconomical, and that I should look for 2 new wings instead. If anybody has a source of quality wings then I would be interested.

I returned on Wednesday, and the car was tidied up.

Whole wing
Upper wing
lower wing

All looks good, but at a cost of £286.70, it isn’t something I want to do again. If rust re-appears, then it’s new wings or new car…

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