Sliding under car

I decided to get my car up on axle stands and take a closer look at where the oil is coming from.

This image shows my axle stand point, and a nice shiny suspension bush…

The drip was quite visible, as was the sealant around the new bolt.

However round the back, towards the inside of the car I think I can see oil seeping down the join in the case from the 2nd bolt up from the bottom.

To counter this I added some kitchen roll – below the 3rd bolt as I was suspicious of this, and then a small piece wedged in the gap where the oil seemed to be.

The car is up on stands overnight, and I will take a look tomorrow morning and evening to see what happens…

Here is a picture of my drip tray, the oil that collected over 6 days on the driveway. It isn’t much.

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