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Had the car serviced at WMSS on Friday, so another wander around Erdington.

Went to the 11am showing of “Silent Hill”. This film is ok, but I am sure there are better things to watch. Had the whole screen to myself though.

The car was ok – oil and filter change so have now used the last of my French Mobil 1. New plugs, and new gearbox oil. What was in there was 1/2 litre low and not the proper Saab oil. The new oil is red, and they steam-cleaned the underside so I should be able to see if the drips come from the gearbox or the engine.

Had new poly front wishbone bushes fitted. Can’t really tell if there is a difference, but I am sure that recently the car has felt as if there is more jarring from the road, and also that under 2000 rpm (say from 15mph in 2nd) the engine really isn’t comfortable. Makes some low-sped town driving award. My gf’s 1996 V6 Mondeo has a much more flexible engine (but lacks the Saab’s power).

Apparently the lower oil and water pipes to the turbo are corroding so could do with changing which I will sort in a few months time, hopefully when I have the extra gauges installed.

Only 1 week until the trackday…

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  1. Good plan, but then her car would lack the ability to get her to work and back.

    Another turbocharged Saab engine would make much more sense 🙂

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