Rolling Road Results

The Aero had its first outing on a rolling road yesterday.

It performed well, although apparently there is a misfire at the top-end of the rev range. I don’t really want to splash out on a new DI cassette now so that may wait a few months. It was recommended that I try the BCR8 spark plugs instead of the 7 in warmer weather and for track use.

The person doing the testing hadn’t heard of Speedparts before, but seemed happy with the chip mapping – apparently the air to fuel ratio is where it should be and fairly steady.

Power at the wheels – 243bhp seems about right, I guess this would be 285 ish at flywheel. Torque is a high 427nm (315lbft) – If this scales in the same manner as the bhp that would make 360lbft. Seems possible considering the 1.41 bar of boost.

Dyno Plot - Wheel measurements

2 thoughts on “Rolling Road Results”

  1. Good work! However, the rear tie down strap isn’t going to stop the car launching forward into the fan housing if the rolling road suddenly stops dead (for whatever reason :))

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