Headlamp problems

Whilst driving home last night I found my headlamps didn’t work properly.

The driving lights (which are always on) were fine, and these are close to dipped-beam brightness so it is possible to drive on them.

The next switch setting is sidelights, and this worked fine.

The final setting is dipped-beam and this didn’t work – neither did full-beam or flashing full-beam.

There were no errors on the dashboard pictogram so I was fairly sure it wasn’t simultaneous bulb failure.

Following a quick search on Saabscene I found many posts on faulty solder joints in headlamp relays.

These are easily located in the right of the engine compartment under a clear cover.

I removed the orange and red relays, then pried the covers off with a selection of small screwdrivers.

The solder joints looked ok and I tested them all with a multimeter – no problems there.

I re-inserted the relays, tested the lights, and all looks fine.

With the problem now gone, no further testing took place – however I am worried it may return at some incovenient time.

The other potential cause could the the headlight switch, but I shall have to wait and see what happens.

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