Winter roof-off motoring

Since we moved house at the end of October 2013 the TVR hasn’t been used much. Just a good run once / month (if that) to keep it going, and it is regularly connected to the CTEK charger to keep the battery topped up.

While the car is stored only 5 mins walk from home, it is far enough to make a difference. Combined with the weather of the past few months the opportunities to use it have been slim.

But today was a sunny day. There are still some wet roads, but it was the best chance to take the car out.

I decided to take the baby as well. It had been a while since he was out in the car and he finds it a good way to get to sleep (contrary to expectations).

The car had been charging so there was plenty of cranking speed but it idled a bit low and needed a few revs for 20 seconds before it would settle. Tyre pressures were all fine from when they were last checked (before Christmas?) and off we went.

He won’t fit into this car seat for much longer, I will have to check that whatever replaces it fits in the TVR. We have a Cybex Sirona in the Mondeo which is good, but it is an IsoFix seat and as well as that there is no way it would fit.

Ready to go
Also ready to go

Our selected route was cut short when we found flooding on the road. Cars were getting through at the edge but I didn’t feel the need to try. Luckily there was a convenient place to turn round so we headed out.

The car was running well, no effects from having been sat for 6 weeks. Baby (well, toddler now) fell asleep after 2 minutes and stayed that way apart from when I stopped to talk to a friend and some applications of throttle would wake him up.

Some steady mini drivers probably got a surprise when they were subject to a full-throttle 3rd gear overtake. It does sound good (and loud).

I also took a video from the same spot I did 14 months ago, both time with a sleeping baby and a few blips of the throttle.

February 2014 Video

December 2012 Video

The car got to sit in some traffic due to bridge closures but thankfully only for a few minutes. It provided a check on cooling fan operation.

Going back into Herefordshire from Worcestershire the roads around us are truly shocking. Not good TVR territory. Lots of potholes to avoid and lots of water running across the road (the weather hasn’t helped).

The car is tucked up again for a few more weeks. Soon it will be time for TVR Power and engine checks then maybe Neil Garner for some brake work. Plans are also starting for the garage at our new house which would be great to have.

Looking good, if a bit dirtier after the drive
I still like this angle, despite popular opinion


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