2 trips to TVR Power

Since my last update, I have been back to TVR Power twice.

Once to collect the car following the radiator / brake work, and again after the Easter weekend to have the idle speed sorted.

For the first visit – the new radiator and hoses look very nice, and the car no longer has a coolant leak.

New blue hoses and radiator
New blue hoses and radiator

The new rear AP racing pads match those fitted to the front and should have a coefficient of friction ~20% lower than the EBC Greenstuff. Hopefully this will fix the brake balance issue.

New rear pads

When starting the car to drive home it stalled after initially catching, and wouldn’t start until I gave it some throttle. I assumed that it was a little unhappy having been moved only a short distance. However, more drives over the weekend showed the same issue. I dropped Dom an e-mail on Easter Sunday evening, and got a reply almost immediately saying I should bring it in and he would get it sorted.

So I returned today, and Wayne used a diagnostic laptop to see what was going on. There was an imbalance between the two sets of cylinders (1-3 and 4-6) shown as a large difference between ‘Adaptive 1’ and ‘Adaptive 2’. He rebalanced all the throttle bodies, and then improved the lambda sensor response by creating a separate earth for them attached directly to the timing chain cover.

Big air filter
Adaptives now matched - before reset

When finished, the idle felt notably smoother than before. I will have to see what happens when I next do a cold start.

The cost of this 75 mins of work? Nothing – Even though the problem was unrelated to the work that they had done last week, Dom still have it fixed for free. And as I was discussing things to take on my planned road trip, he even threw in a 125 amp fuse as well.

I am quite happy with that 🙂

For more details of the work, see the 3 new pages created that are linked off the “Things we have fixed” part of my website (05/04/2012 and 10/04/2012).

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