Having sat in the garage for nearly 1 month, with occasional top-up charges, it was time for the Saab to come out.

The new battery seems to hold much more charge than old batteries ever did, so I am happy with that.

Even when I have left it for 2 weeks between top-ups, the charge didn’t fall below 12.50 volts.

The car started fine, drove fine to do the weekend’s shopping, had a wash and dry (no need to re-wax yet), had another drive, bit of a blast round the country roads to help dry out and fully work the engine/brakes, then had all the glass cleaned, before finally going back in the garage ready for another month’s rest…

The DS2500 brake pads really do produce plenty of dust. 15 miles of country road driving was enough for a faint grey layer of dust on the front wheels.

Probably won;t do anything with the car before Llandow now, other than take it out again in a few weeks if the weather is good and do a bit of cleaning of the interior/engine bay and maybe more leather care cream to keep the interior nice.

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