Wheels and tyres

Since my wheels with their Bridgestone Potenza S03 tyres were getting a bit worn, and I want to have plenty of tread for July’s trip to the Ring, I decided to get my spare set of Aero alloys refurbed, and given a new set of tyres.

For refurb I chose Lap-Tab in Birmingham. They seemed to get good feedback online. The price for 4 wheels delivered with tyres off was £176.25. I dropped them off one Saturday, collected them the next, and they were much improved. The finish is very good – you can still see a few imperfections below the lacquer, but it is a huge improvements.

For tyres, Millers Tyres in Malvern did as good a job as ever. Four Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres for £312.50. They were happy to remove the old tyres, let me take the wheels away for refurb and then fit the new tyres a couple of weeks later without any pre-payment.

Wheels before Refurb
Before Refurb
Wheels before refurb

Weeks after refurb
wheel after refurb
wheels after refurb

Wheels with new tyres
Tower of tyres
Single RE050A

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