Haven’t updated this for a world, so it’s time to let my readership (Mark) know what’s going on.

I got round to buying a Disklok, and it’s a very nice bit of kit. Comes in its own travel bag which stays in the boot, and that has velcro so it doesn’t slide around. Have used it a few times and it’s easy to take on and off.

Bought it from this place : link

The Chrome option is very shiny. Comes with keys, and was delivered the next day.

The car has been used by the gf a bit over the past couple of weeks while her car has been having some work done. She has become used to the brakes requiring a bit more force and she doesn’t like the rear visibility.

I am worried about a few dots appearing on the front drivers side wing, just above the top of the arch. could be rust coming through from the other side, so I will get that looked at when it goes in for a service to WMSS soon.

Am contemplating getting the timing chain replaced, as well as finally implementing my plan for gauges. Boost, Water temp, Oil pressure/temp maybe…. Still need to get some costs, work out what senders I need etc. I doubt it will be cheap.

Regarding insurance, Adrian Flux managed to beat my Chris Knott renewal which was a suprise, since over the past few years they haven’t come close. Chris Knott price matched the Flux quote so I stuck with them.

Hint – if you want cheap insurance, don’t modify your car :o|

The Saab has also been to a cruise – not something I would normally do but I was manning an IAM stall and went round chatting to the drivers and handing out informative stuff. Some interesting cars. Some slightly tasteless cars, but they were a nice lot. To be honest mine was probably modded more than most of the cars there – it just didn’t have the graphics, sub and rear light clusters…

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