Just returned from clocking up 1600 miles in France.

Still a pleasure to drive there, even had my passenger take photos of the emptiness of the AutoRoute as we sped along at 130kph.

Car seems to return about 32mpg crusing at that speed which isn’t bad.

I won’t be doing a Saab trackday this year which is a shame. It is the same track as last year so there is no novelty value there, it isn;t organised by Saabscene but by the SOC I think, and I could do with saving the money.

Entry fees are only a fraction of the cost when tyres, brakes, accomodation etc. are factored in.

Don’t plan to do much to the car, still have aspirations to get new guages in but that can wait.

Everything is working fine, which is nice 🙂

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