Brakes ordered

In preparation for the trackday in May I have been looking at replacing my brakes which have been well-cooked in the past.

Changing for bigger disks/calipers is expensive and won’t fit behind standard wheels. Since I want to keep the car looking standard this isn’t an option.

Following discussion with Elkparts and reading posts on Saabscene I settled on Brembo disks and EBC Redstuff pads, which I have ordered from Elkparts.

I am currently running Brembo disks, but since the 2004 Anglesey trackday they have the effect of vibrating under braking when very hot. However many others have reported good behaviour, and I suspect that the lack of bedding-in time before the trackday was a factor.

These should be fitted next Thursday and so have 3 months before going on the track.

The EBC Redstuff pads have also had good reviews, so I will be interested to compare them with the Ferodo DS2500 pads I am currently running. The DS2500 are about £20 more/set, make lots of dust and have a tendancy to squeal under light braking. They have never faded though.

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