Clutch Trauma

This was not a happy experience…

The car came with a “Warranty Direct” warranty which still had time remaining from when it was bought from the leasing company.

Gold Standard Cover…

The clutch failed, and I had to get a tow home from a friend.

It had been experiencing a funny ‘click’ part-way down the travel which was intermittent.

I had phoned Warranty Direct and asked about the procedure to claim, but the problem went away so I carried on driving.

Until it failed.

I had the car towed to my local garage, and work commenced.

Turned out the pipe connecting the slave and master cylinders had degraded inside, and bits of rubber had damaged the seals in the master cylinder. So it was more a warranty claim than clutch consumables.

When I contacted the Warranty Company, since I had not followed their procedures, they wouldn’t pay for any of it.

Moral of the story – play it by the book, and if they can wriggle out of payment, they will.

If I had gone to their garage, I am sure I would have got some money out of them.

Anyway, the car had a lot of work…

New clutch pipe
New master cylinder
New clutch kit
New slave cylinder

While it was there I also had oil and filter done and brake fluid.

Cost – £889.13

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