Car seat shopping

Saturday saw the TVR going to Hopscotch in Hereford for some car seat shopping. Seventoddler is growing out of his old baby seat. Our new Mondeo has Isofix and we bought a fancy Cybex Sirona Plus for that, but we need something for the TVR and our older (Mk3) Mondeo. The drive out to Hereford … Read more

Winter roof-off motoring

Since we moved house at the end of October 2013 the TVR hasn’t been used much. Just a good run once / month (if that) to keep it going, and it is regularly connected to the CTEK charger to keep the battery topped up. While the car is stored only 5 mins walk from home, … Read more

TVR back – faulty plug?

On Friday I had a call from Jason at TVR Power to say the car was fixed. He had driven it and it was ‘running like a donkey’ He had connected it to the computer, which said it was ‘running like a donkey’, with multiple faults. The spark plugs were checked, and the plug for … Read more

CAT driver training great, TVR not great

Today was dissapointing. I drove to Millbrook full of hope, and left with the car on a transporter 🙁 It was supposed to be a 2-person training day for us, but our baby became unwell so my wife ended up staying at home. This is the Performance Driving Day with CAT Driver Training, who are … Read more

Good insurance quote from Manning

The TVR is re-insured with Manning UK, who do special policies for TVRs. Admittedly the mileage is being put down again… 2011/2012 = 5000 miles, which we used all of. 2012/2013 = 3000 miles, which we used only a bit over 1000 (new baby…) 2013/2014 = 2000 miles, we shall see what we actually use. … Read more

A day of free car detailing!

Back in August I responded to a post on the Cotswold 3 Counties TVR Facebook page where Richard of Autocar Detailing was offering a free Enhancement Detail (worth £220), in return for use of photos of the photos and help with some text for an article in Sprint magazine. I responded to this, and was … Read more

September Shelsley Walsh Breakfast club

Only one drive between the last breakfast club and this one. I went out on a Friday afternoon and encountered the UK slow drivers group on an outing all over Worcestershire which was frustrating. The TVR is only coming out every couple of weeks in order to have a long run and then it is … Read more

Another Shelsley Breakfast Club

This morning was a nice to give the freshly serviced TVR a roof-off run to the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club. The family stayed at home as we were going on for lunch. The lunch, and last night’s large Chinese should have meant I didn’t need a big cooked breakfast, but it was too tempting. On … Read more

12k service and extra work at TVR Power

The car had only done 7000 miles since the last 12k (and 1 year / 1,000 miles since the last 6k), but it had also been 3 years, so I figured it was worth going for the works, then it has been d0ne under my ownership. I could have gone for a low mileage service … Read more

Sunny Shelsley and a service booked

During the week I booked the TVR in for a service at TVR Power. This has been a low mileage year. When we bought the car it was 9 years old and had 13,500 miles (only 1500 miles / year). We then did 5000 miles in the next year, which I think is respectable for … Read more