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June 16, 2013

2nd Shelsley Breakfast Club

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After Friday’s rainy drive, the weather forecast for Sunday morning was good, so we decided to go to the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club. This time as a family of 3 rather than just me.

This leads to a problem with the TVR’s lack of seats, but a friend was also attended and kindly provided transport, for my wife on the way out, and me on the way back.

After taking the roof off, we put our 8 month old baby in his baby seat on the passenger side. The drive out was good fun. He fell asleep within a few minutes and stayed that way until I had parked up, although the few full-throttle moments did seem to stir him. It was a lot warmer than a couple of months ago and my hands didn’t freeze this time.

On arrival I was directed to one of the covered paddock parking spots where TVRs tend to gather, but I was there before any others had arrived.


After unloading the baby, we went for breakfast which was once again very good. Baby had some breakfast too. We then had a look at a few of the cars, which included the new Jaguar F-Type, and a Renault Alpine A610.

Jaguar F-Type

Renault Alpine

We then went for our usual walk of the hill, which was quite steady with out little one and our friend’s < 2 year toddler.


The family, part-way up

Me and my little one, plus Steve and his toddler, at the exit of ‘Top S’

The paddock

My wife drove the TVR home and I got a lift. No problems starting this time after ~ 2 hours parked.

Again, the baby slept through the whole roof-down drive.

Baby on his way home

When we were home the car had a hot start after I put the roof back on before it went into the garage. It turned over a bit slowly but fired.

A good morning out, hopefully we will be able to attend these regularly – if we can keep getting a lift, so thanks to Steve for providing extra transport.

June 14, 2013


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This morning our baby was with my parents, so we took the chance to both go out in the TVR, and to get a tank of the catchily-named Shell “V-Power Nitro +” as the car always runs on premium fuel, preferably V-Power.

There was a risk of showers, so we left the roof on.

The drive to the fuel station (20 mins to Shell) was fine, and we filled the car. But on trying to restart the car, it wasn’t turning over or managed half a turn. After failing to crank it also displayed “Tamora v6.0 Shutdown”.

It the past it has sometimes been reluctant to start from hot, but always worked after a couple of attempts. This was showing no promise after multiple attempts. Cold starting has always been good.

It was a bit awkward, and cars we queuing behind us for the pump. I got out to push the car forward, and the chap from the car behind came to push as well. We decided to roll start it, so I got in the driver’s seat and my wife and this chap pushed (she wasn’t sure about roll-starting).

On a slight uphill incline, it worked on the second attempt, firing immediately and going into a contented idle.

When we drove home there was some really heavy rain and I was glad we had the roof on. Just my luck to take the car out to catch the only rain we have had all day. Dried the car before putting it in the garage and put some garage ventilation on to help dry it off.

A quick look at Pistonheads found a few articles on this, typically suggesting that it could be a bad earth or a failing starter. Example thread here.

I then gave TVR Power a callĀ  and was put through to Dom. The car is going there for a service in August, and he suggested, in line with the Pistonheads threads, that earthing or a failing starter with the likely suspects that they would look at.

I asked about their uprated starter motors which are used in the 4.3 rebuilds, but he suggested that would not be necessary for the car, and they have a good stock of 2nd-hand starters (probably from their rebuilds) and one could be swapped in at much lower cost. Sounds good to me, but maybe an uprated motor would be an investment.

Until then, I will have to be careful about hot starts and hope this doesn’t happen again.

June 1, 2013

Prescott TVRs

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No hillclimbing for the Tamora, but I was timing at Prescott today, which happened to have a round of the TVR Speed Championship.

It was a sunny day, but not too warm which was good. Timing went well, there were 4 of us on which gave me a chance to have a wander around the paddock and spectator areas and meet some of the TVR competitors.

There was also a small TVR run at lunchtime, poorly filmed here.

A few pictures and videos follow, some taken from the timing box at the start line.

Sunny day


TVR 46

TVR 48

TVR 48 Start

TVR 51

TVR 51 Video

TVR 52

TVR 57

TVR 57 Video

TVR 61

TVR 61 Video

TVR 64

TVR 64 Video

TVR 66

TVR 66 Video

There were a few other interesting cars, including 3 Veyrons – a video of one is here.

Veyron giving a passenger ride

1990s Benetton Formula 1 car which did some runs up the hill

Morgan 3-wheeler with passenger hiding

Bugatti EB110


Typical hillclimb spectators with a marshall

There are a few more photos in this Flickr set.

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