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April 19, 2010

DVLA Success

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After last week’s DVLA fail I returned this lunchtime, cautiously pessimistic that something else would be wrong.

On Friday I had received Section 10 of the V5, kindly returned by the new owner very quickly using recorded delivery.

Arriving at the DVLA at 12:23 there was a warm stuffy room full of people and a 25 minute wait… As I had a numbered ticket, I decided to go for a wander to a scenic viewing point that overlooks the river Severn and some sites of the battle of Worcester.

I got back to the DVLA about a minute before my ticket was called (probably to the annoyance of others sat there), and a helpful member of staff sorted everything out. The new keeper should get a V5 and MOT by the 28th April, and I should get the numberplate retention form a couple of weeks after that.

Success :)

April 14, 2010

Gone, but not completely

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Prepare yourself for one of my dullest posts yet (that’s quite a claim).

I haven’t had to deal with the DVLA for a few years, but today hasn’t been successful.

Given my buyer’s rapid timescale as his 9-5 Aero sold quickly, I wasn’t sure what could be done about the numberplate transfer, so first thing on Saturday morning I called the DVLA. The very helpful lady told me that I could sell the car as normal, and with the V317 registration retention form enter the buyer as the registered keeper, granting the numberplate to me for retention. That was good, so we went ahead with the sale last night.

But then while finishing he paperwork following the sale I noticed that the V5 was supposed to be sent to Swansea, but the V317 could only go to my local DVLA office (but with a cheque payable to DVLA Swansea).

I decided the best thing to do was to take all the completed forms and cheque to my local DVLA office in Worcester. You take a ticket to be served when you enter, and there was a bit of a wait, about 15 mins despite the screen saying 7 mins at the start and going as high as 10 mins.

But then the DVLA lady tells me that she needs the complete V5, and this is only a partial V5. I am a bit confused, as the other removable side just had some instructions for completion and sections for sale to motor trade, export, and the slip for the new owner. Hence I had removed them when giving the new owner his slip. I couldn’t see any of them being of use.

It turns out that I need the new owner slip, otherwise it isn’t a complete form. It would have been nice if that had been mentioned, rather than me being told that I could sell the car as normal.

Apparently I should have read the instructions… I did very carefully., there are quite a lot of them.

Apparently I should have transferred the registration before selling – that was my original plan, but then the DVLA lady had told me I could both at the same time.

So, one drive to Worcester wasted, I have to go again. What’s more, I need to get section 10 of the V5 back from 100 miles away with the new owner. Grand.

Luckily he is an understanding chap and, following a quick phone call, was very helpful and intends to send it ASAP recorded delivery. So I might stand a chance of finishing the transfer on Friday or Monday.

I bet you can’t wait for the next update in the thrilling ex-Saab saga 😉

April 13, 2010

Saab gone…

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I guess this is the end of the Saab blog, subject to me putting up a few more photos and videos.

I sold the Saab this evening to a good chap who I am sure will look after it well. In a pre-sale drive there was some clutch slip, but also some really high boost levels, it is pulling well.

Just over 8 years of happy Saab ownership come to and end. I might publish how much that has cost me in a future post…

Now we are a one-car household, hopefully over the next year I can save enough funds to purchase an interesting replacement car that will suit my varied needs, and be better suited to occasional track driving.

A few pics, and some of the interior, as that isn’t often shown.

Side view






April 5, 2010

Saab clean and debate on future

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Having taken the car out this morning and given my sister’s bf a ride to demonstrate the Saab’s power, I then used it to go a few places round town, finally changed the tax disk, returned home and gave it a wash, dry, quick spin to dry the brakes off, then a clean of the door seals etc., hoovered the inside, and finished with a longer drive before putting it straight into the garage.

Mileage is now 128,142, so still less than 1000 miles since the last service. I can however now see the oil on the dipstick and check the level. Before, the oil was so clean it was nearly impossible to judge the fill level.

Oil now dark-enough to see

The car looked good after its clean. It wasn;t very dirty, but some brake dust had built-up on the alloys.

I also decided to start a debate on the car’s future on UKSaabs.

Pics of the car after washing, and being wrapped-up in the garage following a good blast on country roads.


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