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January 19, 2009

Google Analytics…

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Google Analytics should now be working for this site, so I can see accurately how many people actually read this…

Hence this post is really a ‘bump’ to show up on your RSS feeds etc. I wonder if RSS feeds work since you may be able to read this without visiting the site. If you have time, click on a few of the older posts so I can check it all works (and so my website doesn’t feel so lonely).

On Saab specific note, the car came out of the garage, had a ~20 mile drive, and then went back in. That’ll do for another few weeks. Bring on the spring/summer and drier roads (and more traction). I forsee a few more really dull blog posts until such time as suspension works kicks off.

January 13, 2009

WordPress updated

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The blog is now running on the latest version of WordPress, thanks to assistance from a colleague of mine who knows about these things…

Hopefully this means people won’t be able to corrupt the posts with hundreds of spam links as kept happening to latest oil and filter change post.

As for the Saab, it’s wrapped up in the garage, if the weather is good at the weekend it will come out for a drive, if not, then a battery charge top-up.

Not heard anything back from Centre Gravity since my initial e-mail some time before Christmas, so when spring comes I might get back in touch and have work done on the car.

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