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October 23, 2008

1 subscriber

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This blog has one subscriber on Google reader, and he has just dropped by to mock me for that :(

He is also the chap who showed me how to set up a blog, and use Google reader, so it isn’t as if he has even decided to subscribe since he likes the content.

So, should you find yourself reading this and want to make me feel better, subscribe!

Here is what you have to look forward to:

The next few months will be nearly devoid of posts as the Saab stays in the garage most of the time, coming out for occasional drivers and a planed oil change… Might get a chap from UKSaabs to look at the map on my ECU using the T5 suite software which will be marginally interesting and should prompt a few posts.

But next year could be exciting, with decisions about trackdays and Ring trips, springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, intercoolers, wastegate actuators and all sorts of fun :)

So, sign up, and while you are here, how about reading the whole back-catalogue of posts I have made since getting this car in 2002! Most of it is really dull, but there are a few gems hiding there which are only slightly dull (if you like Saabs).

October 11, 2008

Edited pics

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A friend has been editing some of my Llandow pics, here are a few of the results.



October 6, 2008

Llandow Trackday

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I have returned from a successful trackday at Llandow, organised by the same Supra-driving friend who organised the Ring Trip. Very good of him :)

There was much debate in the preceeding week about the likely weather, and I was pondering whether to put on my more worn SO3 tyres or stick with the RE050A that are on the car.

On Friday I got 1/2 the car swapped to the S03s when it started raining on me… I went inside, checked the weather, and the Met Office said it would rain all day. I then decided to switch back to the RE050A tyres since they had more tread, and the last thing I would want was a change of tyres in the rain down there. Also made my life easier since I had to take less stuff in the car.

Early start on Saturday – Google maps reckoned 1:55 to drive there, but took about 1:40 and was very easy. Passed a highly modified MR2 on the M4, driver wearing earplugs, and guessed that was probably going to the track (I was right).

Arrived early so the gates weren’t opened, but didn’t have to wait long, and soon got on with the business of getting cold and meeting lots of the people we knew from the Ring trip, and plenty of new faces.

Lots of Supras, but a few others such as MR2s, a Subaru, BMW, Couple of 300ZXs, a Zeus single-seater and my Saab – the only FWD car.

Usual kind of briefing, split into 4 groups chosen roughly on likely speed (was in 2nd fastest… that’s hopeful). First few laps were done under yellows, then free session. Sadly my group’s first session was entirely under yellows as one of the MR2s had issues on about the 3rd lap and spent the whole session on the side of the back straight before being towed off backwards…

First session
First session

Following Steve (under yellows).
Following Steve

The fastest group had the quickest cars and craziest drivers in. Despite it being the initial “take it easy” session, they didn’t hold back, and it wasn’t long before there were some spins, and long black lines on the track in the big braking zones, accompanied by much smoke. Most of these drivers seemed to start off too quick and then get control during the later sessions, rather than build up to it…

Some interesting cars:

Zues (Chris Wilson)

The RX-7 which left a lot of rubber in the braking zone

The track has some tricky bits, the bus-stop chicane at the end of the paddock straight was very tight, required major braking from nearly 100 down to very slow, and it was hard to figure out a good line. This was used by some of the drivers for “drifting” type driving, with the inevitable spins…

Spinning after driftign

Slide 1
Slide 2
Slide 3

Some of the guys from the Ring trip enjoyed driving round in close convoy pushing their cars hard
Andy and James

Si Andy

Jon in his MR2 turbo was really pushing hard and passed me a couple of times. I could stay with him on the straights, but struggled to keep up in the twisty stuff.

Sadly another friend from the Ring trip had car issues on the drive to the track and stayed as a spectator while her car was taken home on a breakdown truck :(

No problems for the Saab, I took it for a cool-down drive after each session, the brakes kept working, albeit with a little more pedal travel, but always plenty of power to get the ABS to kick-in. It never rained other than a few drops, so the S03s would have been more than fine, but the RE050s held on ok, and didn’t seem to be too worn…

Only needed to change gear twice/lap. 2nd gear for the bus-stop chicane and the twisty bits after that. 2nd to 3rd at 65 ish before the back straight, up to nearly 100, down for the little chicane, big bend at the end, nearly 100 again down the paddock straight and back to 2nd gear where we started.

On the track the Saab behaved well during the day, sometimes difficult to get the power down, but holding its own and passing a few cars which should have been quicker…

Passing MR2 turbo

Just passed Scooby

Unsuprisingly I was still much slower than Si, who had about 15 mph more on the straights, and a well-sorted single-turbo Supra running on 888s. Very quick indeed. Pic below is of me pushing hard, but being reeled in very quickly.
Chased by Si

As it got later in the day, all those who had been at the Ring stayed to the end, perhaps a mixture of being more keen and having better sorted cars?
Si chasing Andy



Here is a video of Si following Andy around the track

The day finished with no major incidents, a few cars were a bit battered from running over kerbs etc. after spinning, but the Saab was going strong. The drive home was easy, and I still had just under 1/4 of a tank of fuel left, and an average mpg of 23 for the trip…

Car needs a wash now, and probably a pre-winter oil-change, but is in the garage resting.

Still leaves me pondering the idea of Koni dampers, Abbott Racing springs, stiffer rear anti-roll bar, bigger intercooler etc…

October 3, 2008

Northloop sticker

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Since I have been using the Northloop forum a bit, and met a few Northloop guys at the Ring, I decided it was time for a Northloop sticker. Ordered in small and medium sizes, but decided the medium was the best option, placed at the top of the windscreen.

Slightly tricky to separate from backing, but I think it looks ok. Since the pics below were taken, I have moved the Saabscene sticker to the far side of the windscreen which looks a bit better. Positioned where it is, the Northloop sticker is barely visibile from the rear-view mirror.

Northloop and Ring stickers

Immediately after putting the sticker on it started to rain…
Northloop sticker

Rain on roof

Rain on roof

I had also been taking wheels off with the intention to swap sets, but ended up not bothering.
Ferodo DS2500 pads with Brembo disks

Plenty of pad left after Ring trip

Ferodo DS2500 pads with Brembo disks

October 1, 2008


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The Saab still had 1/4 tank of French fuel left in it, the last fill-up from the Ring trip. Shows how much I have been driving it since then.

Wanted to get a fresh tank of V-Power, but since Shell have closed all the convenient garages, and since there is nothing on the way between here and Llandow, I took a 30 mile round trip to fill up. Apart from a slight backfire on starting the car ran fine, filled up. 31.6 mpg on the computer, but 28.8 in reality.

Did a few accelerations runs on the way back, car is pulling well, boosting nicely and everything feels ok.

Weather forecast is a bit damp for Saturday, so no plans to change tyres yet, will go down on full tread tyres, and if it is dry change the wheels there.

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