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May 28, 2008

Service at WMSS

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Saab has its pre-Ring service today at West Midland Saab Specialists

Just under 2 months to go, so I wanted to have an early check as to whether there were any issues.

It has an MOT due not long before the trip, so that will do as a later trip.

Drive up was ok, they are about 1 1/4 hours from my house.

Left them with a long list of things to check and headed into the centre of Birmingham to meet a friend.

Usual sort of stuff, oil and filter (I provided my own 5W40 fully synthetic stuff I buy in France).

Brake check and new fluid – lots of pad left at the back – about 1/2 on the front so that should be ok.

New plugs

Check all hoses, checked gearbox oil level which was fine so that drip must have either stopped or be very very slow.

Suspension all checked and all fine.

Since the car had been behaving since the one incident with a check-engine light and a fast idle nothing was done on that front, shall have to keep an eye on it…

The central locking motor was a cheaper change than I had expected.

Rear drivers side door had stayed locked for a while, so I was having to unlock it by hand when I needed that door open.

Apparently Saab motors cost about £90 new, and £40 second hand. However advice on Saabscene said the motors sold by Maplin were a straight swap.

Here I could buy an individual motor for £9, or a set or 4 for £22

I bought the set of 4. I believe the motors with 2 wires are for the rear doors, and 5 wires for the front door.

WMSS used a 2 wire motor, and I believe it was a straight swap with no issues.

That door now has the fastest moving lock…

So my advice is to go for these if you have issues with central locking motors on your 9000.

Pic shows original Saab motor (top) and Maplin motor (below)

Saab 9000 Central locking motors

Only spent £135 on the car, it’s good when not too much needs doing :)

Am now contemplating a car cover since the car isn’t covering many miles but sitting on the driveway gets suprisingly dirty in not very long.

May 15, 2008

Rust Repairs number 2

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A few weeks ago I noticed some bubbling under the paint on the front drivers side wing. This time below the trip line at the rear of the wing. This is annoying since it isn’t long ago that I had rust at the top of the wing repaired.

Rust appearing

On Monday took the car to the same paint shop that did the repairs before, and they were willing to fix it for free if it was related to the repair they did previously, or if it wasn’t then I would pay.

I popped back at lunchtime in Steve’s possessed Mondeo, and they had stripped the wing to reveal the damage. Of which there was plenty.

Whole wing
lower damage
inside wing

I left the car for them to sort. Their suggestion was that future repairs would be uneconomical, and that I should look for 2 new wings instead. If anybody has a source of quality wings then I would be interested.

I returned on Wednesday, and the car was tidied up.

Whole wing
Upper wing
lower wing

All looks good, but at a cost of £286.70, it isn’t something I want to do again. If rust re-appears, then it’s new wings or new car…

May 14, 2008


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Had some funny effects going on with the car.

On a couple of occasions the idle has been high – 1100rpm rather than 850 rpm.

Then when the gt was driving it the check engien light came on. All else was fien so she brought it home.

Flash code analysis showed that 5 flashes was the “throttle position sensor”.

I disconnected the battery overnight, reconnnecated, and the car is fine.

First drive it took a while to re-learn boost, which I noticed on a 2nd gear overtake, but it quickly started boosting through the red after some spirited driving.

Shall get WMSS to check the car, but seems ok for now…

May 2, 2008


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I noticed one of the sidelight clusters had a chunk taken out of the edge. It seemed structurally sound, but both seemed to be a bit green inside, so I decided to change them.

It is easy enough to get them out, and the drivers side is fiddly to get back in. Luckily someone on Saabscene had suggested tying string round the clip, and that did the trick.

Old and new sidelights
old and new

Old (orange) and new (silver) bulbs
old and new bulbs

Snorkel - passenger side

Easy job to do, now the headlights just look old ;o)

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