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July 24, 2007

Insurance and Diskloks

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It is coming up to insurance renewal time, so have started phoning around.

I am currently with Chris Knott who do a good job for modified cars and give me competitive quotes. I imaging I will renew with them since their letter turned up yesterday and it looks ok. I will also phone around and see if anybody can beat the quote then I can sue that for leverage.

Also need to tax the car at the end of the month, and it just went through its MOT – with no problems ;o)

The car managed ok in some of the big puddles that formed around here on Friday in the recent flooding but I wasn’t going to push ti and take any risks. Luckily I managed to find a safe route home but the underside must have had a good wash.

On Saturday I had to drive to Manchester for a friends wedding. This caused concern on 2 fronts.

1) Traffic.
I got out of Malvern through Upton and the M50, and at the time I think that was the only way out and there was no way in. Coming back the other side of the M50 had reopened but Upton had flooded. I therefore had o use Ledbury and Eastnor. Long way round, but it was fine. Plenty of cars littered the road.

2) Manchester.
I have been worried since I saw a “Police Camera Action” type program about car thieves/ram raider in Manchester. The Police chap listed their favourite few cars which included Saab 9000 Turbo, and then cut to a police chase of a 9000. I therefore borrowed a Disklok off a friend at work. This is a solid bit of kit, and not too hard to fit.
I parked up in a private car park on University of Manchester land and my car was only 50m from the reception. My car was fine. Not so the car parked 2 spaces away which had the window broken. Probably because they saw the mark on the windscreen where a TomTom goes decided to take a look. They found it under the seat…
It affirms my beliefs about Manchester if this happened in ~4 hours on a Saturday afternoon.
I think I will get myself one of these Diskloks and use it wherever I don’t feel comfortable about leaving the car. Seems like a small investment to keep it safe.

July 12, 2007


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Saab was MOT’d today – nothing to report which is good :)

July 11, 2007


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The Saab hasn’t been driven for over 2 weeks as I have been away – driving round the US and Canada in a PT Cruiser ;o)

Nice car though the cruiser is, I thought it was a 1.8 engine fed through an automatic gearbox before I read the manual and found out it was a 2.4.

It’s ok when you want to cruise and in town which is all I needed most of the time. But up hills and when needing to accelerate at highway speeds I really missed the Saab power.

Put the battery on charge when I returned and it took a couple of hours to fully charge. At least it hadn’t flattened completely while I was away.

Car should get a good run to the Fairford airshow at the weekend :o)

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