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November 17, 2006

Not again

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I last drove the car at the weekend.

Long fast drive (140 miles) on Saturday, some more local stuff (30 miles) on Sunday.

I come to the car today (Friday), 120 hours after I parked it, and the remote doesn’t work.

Battery voltage – 0.05 volts.

This is very close to what happened at the end of July here.

I have spoken to the car parts people I bought the 2 batteries off – they have had no other problems.

I am now discussing with some of my more technical friends the construction of a microprocessor data logger to record what happens when I add the 3rd battery this year…

November 5, 2006

Nothing to report…

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The car has done nothing of interest, so there is little to post.

It is only really being used at the weekend for longer drives and doing nothing during the week.

This is a good was of saving money on Shell V-Power.

The same niggles are there – occasionally the rear right brake squeaks while driving, I can hear a faintbrake running noise when I turn corner to the left with the windows town, and there still seem to be a very slow gearbox oil leak.

Other than that the car is running nicely. It has had a chance to stretch its legs on some open roads and does so very well. The little problems can wait until March and the next service.

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