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April 17, 2006

Oil, badge, phone and 102

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Three topics for today’s post…

Firstly, I finally got round to removing the hands-free phone kit that have been in my car for years. There are now some screw holes in the passenger footwell, but it’s better than the messy kit that preceeded it. There was sufficient space to hide the cables which saved me having to cut them.

Secondly I have been investigating the oil drip from the engine. It is very slow – maybe only a few drops per week. I took some photos of the underside of the car, and I think you can see from this pic where the problem is. I have no idea what I am looking at so welcome any suggestions :)

Oil Drip

Finally, the bonnet badge on my car has changed… The plastic coloured layer has falen off, leaving a very shiny badge which is embossed with the Saab logo.

Besides that the car is fine. I am learning to live with my new windscreen chip.

What isn’t fine is paying £1.02 per litre for Optimax… :(

April 8, 2006

Bad Journey

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Drove down to Surry yesterday – wasn’t the best trip.

As I approached the M50 a lorry drove past fairly slowly having left a rest area. About 1/3 of the way past the lorry something fairly big and hard hit my windscreen… my lovely new windscreen that has only been on the car 6 months.

There are now some marks right in the drivers line of sight. Not really chips as they only affect the surface layer. Very annoying :(

The journey went fine – A417, M4, through Bracknell to M3 and was almost at the M25 when I hit traffic.

We finally passed the laccident scene 2 hours and 40 minutes later during which time we had driven 6 miles.

A lorry had lost control, hit the central reservation very hard and ended up on its side – quite impressive.

The lane discipline of other drivers annoyed me – I am sure you see this all the time though. As we approached the accident signs said the outside 2 lanes were closed so everybody filtered into the inside 2 lanes and slowly shuffled forwards. Seemed to be working, for minutes nothing came past on the right. Then many cars appeared all piling down the outside 2 lanes until they hit the coned area and pushed their way in.

Police snipers would be good here – take out one in every 5 cars trying that and people would soon improve their road manners :)

Hopefully the drive back won’t have traffic jams or damage to the car…

April 5, 2006

All quiet

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Not much exciting happening with the car. It still works, but sometimes seems to do a very quiet backfire when started after sitting for a few days.

In preparation for the Saabscene trackday (28th May), it is booked in with WMSS in May for a service, a few more bits of poly in the suspension, and to find out where those drips of oil on my driveway are coming from… Hopefully nothing serious :)

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