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March 19, 2006

Tamworth Meet

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Went to the Tamworth saab meet, organised by Jason on Saabscene
Like last year this was at the Tame Otter pub in Hopwas, which has ample parking and good food.

Unlike last year I want straight to the pub so missed the drive from the M42 services which is probably most of the fun…

Some more pics of my car, having had plenty of cleaning before the meet.

At Tame Otter

This pic isn’t from the meet, but we went to a country house on the drive home…

Madresfield Court

March 11, 2006


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Below is a lovely pic of a brake caliper with an EBC Redstuff pad attached…


I spent many hours with my car, first washing it, then drying, applying a coat of polish, and finally a coat of wax just as it’s getting dark.

And when I wake up in the morning…

March 5, 2006

Damaged disks?

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Here is a pic of one of the front disks that came off the car – note what appear to be fine cracks radiating from the centre with tarnished area around them. This might have been part of the vibrating brake problem.

Old front brake disk

The pads that came off – plenty of friction material

Old front pads - Ferodo DS2500

March 3, 2006

Brakes fitted

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The new disks and pads have gone on, fitted by Silver Street motors. I now intend to do 500 miles of gentle driving to let them bed in.

There is still a lot of friction material left on my DS2500 pads – not sure if they have any value, seems a shame to have had to change the brakes when they had so much life left.

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