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May 10, 2015

May Breakfast Club

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Another month, another Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club

We hadn’t intended to attend since we had free sponsor tickets to the BTCC at Thruxton, which included pit tours and hospitality (and I am a sucker for any free food / drink).

Sadly, Mrs Sevenman is a bit under the weather, so that was off and I took Seventoddler to Shelsley instead. Because I was doing solo toddler-care, this write-up is a bit more child focused than others.

Nice day for it, a little cloudy but that kept the temperature pleasant. My usual route in via Lower Broadheath had a long section of loose gravel where the road had undergone ‘surface dressing’, so I decided to take the longer route back via Knightwick (as I will mention later, that was a mistake).

As is his way, the little chap fell asleep on the way over, and was still sleeping when we arrived at 8:45. A short wait while traffic filtered in and I managed to get the penultimate space in the TVR block.

Parked – A bit forward so I can open the door – It was that or a long way back

He had another 10 minutes of snoozing, and I didn’t want to wake him and have a grumpy toddler, so I watched cars arrive for a bit.


After he woke up, we decided not to join the queue for breakfast since there is no way he would have stayed still for long enough so, but I managed to control him for the short queue to buy a bacon roll (£3) and pain au chocolat (£1.20). I think the £6.50 Shelsley Breakfast including coffee is better and better value, but we had to make do.


Having watching a tree being felled, we had a look at the little Shelsley church. On mentioning this to a friend later, he asked “what church?”, and I pointed to the prominent building that we could see clearly from the entrance to the paddock where we were stood, which must have been hiding on his many previous visits.



But back to cars…

After a highlight of 4 Tamoras back in March, there was one new Tamora this month I hadn’t seen before.

I had a very quick chat with the owner, Dave, who has had the car for 3 weeks and is enjoying it, but I had to dash off since the toddler had other ideas of where he wanted to be.

Nice car, I like the seat backs, it was in very tidy condition and had an interesting exhaust.


Unusual exhaust

My Tamora is hiding in the background

While cars are interesting, if you are a toddler, climbing around on posts and their bases is much more fun.


There were plenty of Ferraris present, but only one Vauxhall Monaro.


Stanced VWs seem to be attending in greater numbers, but I didn’t take any photos of them. Since getting the Tamora I have been gradually increasing the ride height to improve the handling (it is improved). Excessive lowering doesn’t do it for me, but each to their own.

There were a couple of Ultimas present which both looked rather quick. Some pics of one of them. It was hard to take many pics while either holding a toddler or chasing him.


V8 goodness

Car of the meeting goes to a proper Saab – Should have had pride of place in the car park.

Saab V4


We left a little before 11, taking an alternate route to avoid the gravel. This was a mistake. A long wait where they were doing surface dressing (long enough to turn the engine off) then lead to a drive over lots of freshly gravelled road :(

In advance of a possible work trip in the car I needed a fill-up since I was down to ~ 10 litres. In the years that I have used Optimax / V-Power, Shell have been closing the stations near Worcester, so I thought about going to Tesco for some of their 99 Octane fuel, but when I saw the queue on the bypass, and also the queue towards Malvern (3 Counties Spring Garden Show?) I looped-round a roundabout and took a longer route into Malvern for some BP Ultimate.

Not my favoured fuel as it is only 97 Octane, and also not favoured for the price difference, 15p / litre more than their regular unleaded. I think that is excessive.

But overall it was a good morning out, and the TVR is tucked away again, possibly to come out tomorrow if my work trip goes ahead (family health permitting).

Same again next month.

April 6, 2015

Car wash! And toddler drive.

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Would I normally blog about washing the TVR? No. But since it has been over one and a half years (553 days to be precise) since it was last washed, I thought it worthy of a mention (the threshold is quite low…).

The last wash back in October 2013 at Autocar Detailing was quite thorough and is reported here.

That had such a good finish that it shouldn’t be necessary to polish or wax the car the for time, just a wash and dry.

Given the car lives in a garage under a soft fitted cover, it doesn’t collect dirt at a rapid rate. Considering its low mileage and use typically on nice days only (About 1100 miles on that time), it hadn;t become too mucky.

But it was getting somewhat grimy, so time for a clean.

This is the first time it has been on the driveway since we moved house in 2013. It normally lives in a comfortable garage 5 minutes away. The driveway has an awkward dip / ramp and sunken drain cover so plenty of normal cars will scrape their nose if they come it carelessly. But by making some use of my neighbour’s drive, the TVR edged on. The driveway is on the to-do list, but there are a lot of things there.

Looking a bit grimy

The waterproofing on the roof still seems to be working well, nicely beaded.


With colour

After the wash and dry it was looking much better. There are some stone chips at the front, but those don’t worry me. I have other more important things I want to sort before I get down the the level of detail of worrying about such things. And if I do, then I would become even more paranoid about leaving the car parked in places other than car meets and the garage.


I tend not to use it with the rear screen raised, but this was part of the cleaning / drying time.


Nice day for it

I noticed a couple if little things that were not perfect.

This windscreen trim was coming loose. I have re-sealed it with some Sikalflex, but I have not done a perfect job. One to be tidied when the screen comes out for a re-trim.

Screen trim loose

And from washing a little condensation appeared inside the windscreen. Not too worried about this, the car is garaged and used in dry weather. Maybe windscreen removal / re-fitting (as above) would sort that too.

See above closest edge of wiper blade

When car washing, I like to take it for a good drive afterwards to get rid of any stray moisture and dry the brakes.

The little lad came out with me again, and almost immediately fell asleep! The TVR with its noisy exhaust seems to be a toddler sedative. I returned to the same spot I had been to in 2 previus years for the 3rd in a series of (unexciting) videos. Although a little later, April rather than Dec / Jan as the others.

Sleeping soundly

This time the little chap doesn’t even stir…

Spring 2015 toddler in TVR

And the previous videos are here:

Winter 2013/2014 smaller toddler in TVR

Winter 2012/2013 baby in TVR

We ended up missing the April Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, but plan to attend in May.

March 8, 2015

Tamora Breakfast Club

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A grey and then rainy March Sunday saw a record numbers of TVRs at the Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, including 4 Tamoras. Before last month I hadn’t seen another Tamora there, so to get 4 and chat with the owners was great. From this Pistonheads thread, which also has some pictures, I knew we were expecting a few.

Shelsley Video Here.

I think the TVRs covered S-series, Wedge, Chim, Griff, Tamora, T350, Tuscan and Sagaris, which is a pretty complete set for a non-TVR event.

There was also a Sporting Trial going on, so something extra to watch.

Since I expected it to be busy, I set off extra early (with the roof off, which was cold) and following a traffic-free drive was one of the first to arrive at 08:15. It was nice to be offered a place in the central parking area but, as the roof was off with rain expected (and the car a bit grubby), I declined and took my usual garage in the TVR area.

As I parked up Keith and Jamie parked next to me in a Wedge and following a quick chat we decided to get breakfast before the queue built up, which was a good idea.

Tamora and Wedge – and empty parking

After breakfast we saw the rest of the TVR parking fill up before a second convoy of TVRs arrived including Bobhon’s Tamora (pictured last month).

TVR Parking

While talking TVRs I saw a 3rd arrive with an interesting exhaust note and the sound of squeaky racing brakes.

Wandering over for a chat I met SteveSPG and the reason for the different exhaust note became obvious. 7 litres of LS7 V8 power in a very tidy install. (extra pic).


Nice colour

Wandering around the paddock a new convoy of TVRs arrived and I met Nick, the 4th Tamora owner of the day. These TVRs had driven all the way from West London, which is a fair run for a Sunday morning. I failed to get a photo of the cars.

There were many other interesting cars around but, by that time the rest of the family had arrived and I was looking after a toddler so only took a few photos.

Nice Tuscan

Centre lock wheels and in the overflow. Sporting trial in the background.

I then did a bit more toddler chasing while the family queued for breakfast, by 11:15 the queue was only just out of the door rather than in the paddock. We visited the water mill which was running and is interesting.

Mini Marshall

Ready to race

Our very late breakfast finished just before 12, and by now it was rather wet and a lot of people had left.


The TVR was nice and dry in its garage, so I put the roof on ready for the drive, stopping to use it for its best role as a shopping car on the way home. It is starting to look a bit grimy and it might be time for a wash soon, although it is only 17 months since the last wash, so that seems a bit hasty. Looking forward to next month – although it seems likely it will get even busier as the weather improves.

Not so clean

February 15, 2015

First Breakfast Club of 2015

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Link to an aerial photo of the breakfast club – The Tamora is 3rd up from the bottom

The TVR had about 6 weeks in the garage over Christmas and January, so Sunday 8th Feb was a good time to head out to a Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club, with dry but cold conditions.

Tyre pressures all round were topped up and then, having been on the trickle charger, the car started fine after turning over a little longer than if just left for a few days, but then settled into a happy idle before we drove straight off. I don’t believe in letting a car sit at idle to warm up as a few people do, better to start driving which seems to be the consensus. And all that idling wastes fuel that could be spent driving!

The drive over was fine and quiet, I didn’t see any other cars headed that way but then, arriving at 09:10, it was very busy indeed. I was directed up the track to turn round and park, which I did. Initially trying to turn at the triangle before deciding I didn’t want a long excursion on the grass, reversing out, and then heading up to where the recovery truck parks to turn.

The TVR was parked with some rather expensive metal, a BMW i8 and a couple of Ferrari 458s in front.

Parked facing down the track

BMW i8

Next in the row – Ferrari 458 (then another)

While waiting for family to arrive, I had a wander around the paddock. I had missed out on the TVR parking, but there was another Tamora there which is I think the first time 2 have been at the event together (unlike those common 458s).

TVR Parking – I arrived too late

The other Tamora, looking very tidy

With Pistonheads smiley

After a bit of wandering and bumping into some friends the rest of the family + a niece joined us who had traveled separately and were parked in the overflow field. Not long ago the turnout was such that everybody could park in the paddock from exotica to barges, which is no longer the case. Having spoken to one of the chaps marshalling cars they were expecting a record turnout, which is quite something for February, and it was certainly as busy as I have ever seen it.

The queue for breakfast was tremendous, back into the paddock, so after a bit of looking at cars we decided to walk the hill.

Heading up the hill pushing a toddler in a buggy reminded me just how steep it is. As we climbed we rose out of the misty conditions at the lower level into sunshine.

View from the finish straight

Time for a rest

Back down the course on the descent

On returning to the bottom, the queue for breakfast was now at the restaurant door (and this was ~ 11:00), so after looking at a couple of the more interesting cars, we joined it.

A coffee bar had been opened the far side of the courtyard, but demand was significant for breakfasts and it took a little while to get the food, with me chasing a toddler around the courtyard while the others queued.

Lamborghini Aventador

“PopBang” Morgan

By this time of the late morning it was nice to sit outside in the sun for breakfast, so there were advantages to walking the hill first.

After a bit more toddler chasing around the courtyard it was time to head home. Next Breakfast Club – Sunday 8th March.

February 8, 2015

Nursery runs

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Before Christmas the TVR was used for a couple of nursery runs on days when I wasn’t going in to work.

With the new car seat, Seventoddler fits in with the roof up or down quite easily.

He still likes riding in the car, and I think he can see a bit more than when he is in the back as for our other cars.

Seventoddler in TVR

August 5, 2014

Annual service at TVR Power

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The Tamora has had its annual service at TVR Power. There was a convenient drop-off on a Saturday morning as we were  on our way to spend a weekend at Luton Hoo for my wife’s work party. Nice hotel (although we were in the Warren Weir annexe, which is still very nice).

Dropped off on a sunny Saturday

Collection was a bit awkward as TVR power is a 70 min drive from home. To avoid putting someone else out I did a train-train-bus combination which took ~ 2 hours and was ok.

From the road

The plan was for a basic service as the car has only done 1072 miles since a full 12k. This was my first service to cost less than £1k – A spin at a mere £838, and it was only that ‘cheap’ since I have left a few of the niggles unaddressed since they are multiple thousands to fix…

There were 3 other Tamoras present…



Flying Tamora

One aspect of the service was to try to find out what was going wrong with the fuelling after the Millbrook incident and the fouled / faulty spark plug.

Lots of this may be related to the lean running noted on a power run, that was hopefully addressed through injector cleaning but that hadn’t helped at Millbrook.

Since plug 6 had been fouled, and we believed had therefore been dumping unburnt fuel into the cat, we expected the cat for cylinders 4 to 6 to show some damage.

However, when Jason took the cats off it was the cat for 1 to 3 that was damaged – 2 /3 of if had melted away leaving relatively little cat honeycomb.

They had suspicions it may have been damaged slightly during fitting, and also didn’t think it was an original cat. It looked more free flowing (200 cell not 400 cell).

A second hand cat was sourced for £200 + VAT so that has been fitted.

But why the cat on cylinders 1 – 3?

Having just spent a silly amount of money on a complete new central heating system I had decided to not go for the new injectors (£570 + VAT) and a full custom map (£650 + VAT) and to leave the brakes as they are for now (big disks £320 + VAT, Carbon Lorraine front pads £166 + VAT).

We discussed what I had thought was a crackling sound under heavy load at high revs. e.g. a fairly brisk 0 – 100 mph acceleration. Perhaps this could have been detonation but it wasn’t so obvious because of all the other noise. Dom suggested octane booster. I always run on Shell V-Power and I shouldn’t need extra octance boost if the engine would just run correctly…

The plan is to return in October / November for a bit of rolling road time to try to track down the problems in more detail. If they look too problematic, is it worth trying to correct it or just go for a 4.3 / 4.5 which are known quantities.

Some of the TVR Power thoughts on the problem are:

  • Maybe the car has the crank from a 4.0 but the 3.6 injectors so runs a bit lean
  • Perhaps the ‘indian’ rods have stretched and upped the compression

Some cat photos are below. It seems to be going the way of a de-cat rather than getting blocked up.

A cat

The Matrix (not the film)


Very melted

Other work done included:

  • New plugs
  • New oil and filter – Why isn’t that part of the service cost?
  • Oil tank gasket
  • Rear exhaust box hanger (the drivers side seems to crack quickly)
  • Camber reset – Fronts were -1 and -1.25, rears were -1.5 and -2.25. Could things have slipped since Neil Garner did it last year, or is somebody’s rig not quite right?

Having paid the surprisingly expensive bill, I then asked where the MOT certificate was…  The old one expires on August 5th which was 5 days away.

Turns out there had been a bit of a breakdown in communication. However, Dom was able to get the car into the garage / MOT centre next door and it went through with no issues. Just added an hour of waiting and £40. Got the car back very hot after lots of time spent idling (temps touching 100), but it soon cooled down with some driving.

A fresh tank of V-Power from the garage in Bedworth and I was on my way home (in lots of rain). Next drive, Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club on the 10th August (if it isn’t raining). Track aspirations still on hold.

MOT garage next door

July breakfast club

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Another month, another breakfast club!

The forecast gave some chance of rain so I kept the roof on driving over. That was a good thing as there was some serious rain around Worcester,  but it had cleared when we arrived.

On the drive over, we noticed our friends in their Monaro were following us, so we met-up with them and the first stop was breakfast!


After breakfast we did the usual bit of wandering and chatting and talked to a few people about the TVR (and its fueling problems…).


There was nearly a full set of TVRs present, just no wedges.

S-series, Tamora and Taimar

Tuscan and Griffith


Chimeara – Same colour as my Tamora?

Different Chimeara, very nice engine bay

There was a Sagaris present – the yellow one belonging to “Flyin Banana”, but it left before I had a chance to add it to the TVR photo collection.

The usual exotica were in attendance.

I prefer the older one…


And some cars belonging to friends.




Electric BMW thing…

A good time was had by all – Next breakfast club is the 10th August.

May 11, 2014

May Shelsley Breakfast Club

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Not many miles going on the TVR at the moment, just trips out to car events each month to provide a good run out.Having returned home after 9pm the night before it was a tricky choice as to whether I should get up and go or stay in a comfy bed. A dry weather forecast helped make the decision and I set off to get the car from its nearby home ay 8am.

It started fine after a few weeks off (battery conditioner helps) and with the roof removed I set off for Shelsley. No toddler in the passenger seat for this trip.

After a quiet drive I arrived ~ 15 mins before the official start time and was directed to park in what seem to be the ‘exclusive’ rows, not something the car had been offered before. These are where the fanciest machines (that turn up early) are parked, so it was nice the TVR was included. A shame it wasn’t as shiny as it could have been, but I don’t want to send more time washing the car than I do driving it.



After parking I chatted to a couple who had driven there in a Griffth (visible in the picture above, facing the camera on the left) and then joined them for breakfast. My usual breakfast club buddies were either at home or on the Scum Run, raising money for Charity by driving rund Europe dressed as Danger Mouse and Penfold in an MX-5 they had given a yellow vinyl wrap. Their Just Giving page is here.

Met a few other people I know for a chat, and met a few new people when we got talking around the car.

It was a lower turnout than earlier events this year, perhaps the grey (but not rainy) weather kept people away, but there were a few fancy cars, including a Ferrari 599 GTO.

599 GTO

Massive front brakes (and reflection)

I took a quick walk up the track, where the start line showed the marks from the mist recent event.

The start line

And had a quick look at the big house that is hidden away just off the track.

Nice house

There were a few other TVRs present, including this nice T350 which seemed to have a non-standard rear diffuser.


T350 rear diffuser. Non-standard?

No plans for particularly using the car before the next event. It needs a new tank of V-Power before going anywhere as it is getting a little low now.

Service is due in August, but may bring that forward into July and will involve some time on TVR Power’s rolling road to investigate any fuelling issues that may lead to further work…

May also use Neil Garner for the planned work on the brakes, suspension checks, and also for a chassis clean and re-seal which might be a good idea as it can’t have been done for a few years.

Back into the garage and under the cover until next time.

April 14, 2014

First Pistonheads Sunday Service!

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On Sunday we went to our first Pistonheads Sunday Service, which was held at the Morgan factory in Malvern.

Morgan is only a 4 mile drive for us. Before we moved house last year it was only a 2 mile drive.

We dropped Seventoddler off with his Grandparents and took the TVR out. After a month in the garage it took a few seconds to catch and then idled a bit low as seems to be the case after it has had a long time off.

Tyre pressures, oil and water were all fine, so with the roof off we drove over the hills to Morgan.

As we approached we saw a few other interesting cars heading in the right direction and, after a quick check of our names against a list of attendees, we were in and parked up in a big field that forms part of the Morgan factory grounds since they bought what was the Civil Service Sports Club buildings and fields (these had been getting as bit tired and membership was dwindling with changes to employment and social activities in the town). This purchase of adjoining land was good for Morgan since it gives them a lot of space, far more parking, and has allowed them to convert the buildings to a visitors centre, cafe, showroom and museum.

We had a little wander and then headed to reception to get (free) tickets for a factory tour. After quesing for a while we were told that the queue was for passenger rides in a Morgan and there was no queue for the free factory tour tickets. My wife still queued for a ride and, since the 3-wheelers were sold out, booked a ride in a Morgan Roadster (classic design, 280bhp 3.7 litre Ford V6 and apparently only 950kg) in return for a £10 donation to the Marfan Trust.

Each of the following photos can be clicked on to load a larger version, and a full set of photos are here.


With 30 minutes until the tour we wandered around the parked cars to see was interesting. Another Tamora was present (rare to see one, although 29 were at Burghley that day).

The other Tam


Perhaps a Pistonheads vehicle?


We assembled for the tour, which was being squeezed into 30 minutes rather than the usual 2 hours, and we were taken around as a group of 20.

It started with an assembly of cars that were on their way to customers and covered much of the model range. Morgan have 10 standard paint colours, 40,000 option colours, and will also match the colour of anything you want.  Every Morgan is highly customisable in terms of paint and trim, some with better taste than others (IMHO of course).


Super Dry? Really? …

At the top of the factory is a room with some of their race cars, including 3 endurance race / Le Mans cars.


We then moved into the room where the mechanicals are assembled onto the chassis (classic cars) or bonded aluminium tub (Aero cars).



Aluminium tub being built-up


Chassis for classic Morgan

Then followed the bodywork shop where all the panels are made by hand. They normally work a 4.5 day week, but had brought people in on a Sunday to show what normally goes on.

Making a bonnet

Aero car awaiting body

Body going onto ash frame of classic Morgan

Then followed the wood shop where the ash frames are made.

Frame being built

Wheel arch laminate being set in a very old-looking jig

Skipping the paint section we then went across to the trim room where the interiors and hoods are created. Again, very customisable.

Trim room

And after peering into the pre-delivery inspection area where cars were being fettled / polished, we went to the 3-wheeler assembly room.


3-wheeler being assembled

3-wheeler nearly assembled, quality paint / decoration choice

The tour then finished in the museum which had examples of Morgans through the ages, and two of the early JAP (J.A. Prestwich) engines which came in 4 hp single or 8 hp twin variants. For the time, a V-twin in a light 3-wheeler was a rapid car.

Twin and single JAP engines

Having completed the tour we had some refrsehments and saw the artist’s work taking form as a pair of racing 3-wheelers.

Interesting art

We then did a little more looking at cars before Naomi had her ride in a Roadster, enthusiastically driven by the head of design. While she was out I had a wander and a chat to some chaps who were looking at the Tamora.

Off for a spin (not literally)

We were finished by about 12:20, by which time things were quietening down and a lot of cars had gone. We took a very non-direct route home which gave us a chance to exercise the TVR and enjoy the lovely day.

Very good morning out, thanks to Pistonheads and to Morgan :)


March 10, 2014

First breakfast club of 2014!

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Sunday was a lovely sunny day and a trip to our first Shelsley Walsh Breakfast Club of 2014.

As it was such a nice day I suspected it could be busy and so we were up and out by 8:15 in two cars. Seventoddler and myself in the TVR and with the Mondeo joining us so we could all go. The problems with a 2 seater car…

The drive there was nice and quiet, good to go through Malvern with little traffic and we were making good progress (the Mondeo was going quite fast enough) until we got stuck behind a steadily driven Triumph Stag with a few miles to go. For some reason it pulled into a Farmyard a mile from Shelsley but then reappeared a few minutes after we arrived.

The Mondeo was directed into the parking field used for race weekends and the TVR into the paddock. They must have been expecting a lot of cars to start filtering off the standard cars as we hadn’t seen that before.

At 08:55 the paddock was quite quiet – the exclusive area at the top was nearly full but the TVR parking further down was empty. When reversing into the tight spot I thought I may have made contact at the back with one of the pillars at very low speed, but I couldn’t see any damage on bodywork so maybe it was in my head.

Parked (taken after breakfast)

After meeting up in the paddock (and getting the buggy which doesn’t fit in the TVR) we headed off to breakfast. There was a short queue, but by the time we left to sit outside the queue had already extended to the door. We were the first to choose to sit outside, and it was such a lovely morning I am surprised others hadn’t done so already.

I eat quickly…

Our friends who drive a Vauxhall Monaro arrived as we were starting breakfast. In a bad decision by those who filter the cars they had been sent to the overflow parking field not the paddock. I think this was a poor decisions as Monaros are quite rare and have very large engines. Meanwhile there were plenty of non-exotics in the paddock, including a fair few MX-5s (I like MX-5s, but there are a lot of them) and few very plain non-sporty cars and even a Rover Streetwise!

They went to join the queue which was now out of the door. This was a good ideas since by the time breakfast had finished the queue reached to the paddock! I have never seen this before, but when talking to a friend who had come for the first time (Mk3 Scirocco Turbo driver) he said that (from talking to someone he knows at the MAC) 290 people had registered to attend compared to a previous maximum from 2013 of 140. And that is the people who register, I am sure many don’t.

Record queue for breakfast

There were plenty of nice cars on display, as always. Owners of exotics arriving later were being pushed into overflow parking, although (unfairly?) I noticed that special space was made for a couple of Ferraris…


Nice GT3 RS

Looking towards the Paddock


Our lovely Mk4 Mondeo in the closest bit of the overflow parking


Race-prepared Mini

The track up the hill was closed while work is ongoing to repair damage following the recent wet weather. I hope that it completes before the first event of the year.

Track closeed, note the 360 further up

We stayed until 11:20, by which time the paddock was emptying before heading off. The little chap in the passenger seat fell asleep immediately and the drive back was good. An overtake on the Worcester bypass resulted in the car getting sprayed with a bit of grit :(   I hadn’t meant to get so close to the 350Z ahead that was also overtaking but it didn’t accelerate quite as rapidly as I had expected (but then 9.1 vs. 14.3 on the 0-100 is quite a difference).

Having had 2 drives out on consecutive days in nice weather the missing lines in the dash display had all gone bar one. I think dampness plays quite a big factor in than, and even keeping it in the garage isn’t quite enough. Nothing beats regular use, and I am hoping for a good year where I can finally get the brake and fueling issues sorted, at sensible cost, and have some fun with the car!

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